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Kindle Hacks Galore – Wireless charging, hard wired power, magnetic wall mounts!

July 13, 2016 // Projects // No Comments

The 7″ kindle fire is a great deal for a tablet, when you can pick up 5 of them and get 1 free it’s pretty hard to resist trying out as a home automation tablet. So I bought 5 of […]

Car PC

July 4, 2013 // Projects // No Comments

Way back in 2005 I decided to jump into the car pc craze and remold my dash with bondo to install a 7″ touch screen, then paint it all metallic red:

Sous Vide

November 17, 2011 // Projects // No Comments

Read a bunch about sous vide online and decided I wanted perfect steaks with minimal effort, so it was time to do a ghetto $75 immersion circulator build. Started with two plastic storage tubs stacked for some basic insulation:

Mario Wallpaper

June 30, 2006 // Projects // No Comments

I reproduced level 1-1 from Super Mario 3 in html/javascript form to be used for active desktop. It’s not finished, but still pretty awesome. Click here to download or click on the image below for a demo